Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Cleaning Your LCD Screen or Notebook Screen

Development in computer part is amazing.. For example about Monitor and mobile computer (NoteBook). So many person know about LCD and Notebook.. They are so great really flexible. But So many person do not know how to take care their personal notebook screen and also LCD screen. When we want to clean the screen, we should to realize the screen is not made from glass....

Here's How to Clean Your LCD Screen or Notebook Screen :

Turn off the monitor, then you can see the area which is dirty.

Use soft cloth or for more safety use Microfiber Cloth which is usually used to clean eyeglasses.

Do not press the screen hardly.. It can be make a sign in the screen and make the pixels to burn out.

Buy the spray bottle of cleaner to spray in the Microfiber Cloth to clean the screen more effective.. But do not spray it directly in the screen.

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