Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tips: Understand Why Man Nervous In The Bed

To that sexuality, men like to have a separate proud sometimes difficult to understand women. But for them, it is very important. It seems sort of confirmation that they are as a mighty man. While women, more concerned about his physical and how it can be exciting partner. But do not think it was only "disease" of women. Because men can also inferior in terms of bed. Anything that would make him feel less confident when making love and what you can do to help cope?

1. Hand.
Most men do not have the idea to use his hands. This confusion is common. They do not know exactly what they should do with his hands. Usually, they feel afraid to do wrong or looks weird. Because they feel confident that, precisely what makes them uncomfortable. You can do is to direct the hand to where you feel comfortable to the touch when near him. Over time, he will begin to understand what you are comfortable in and do not, but make sure you tell him, too, because he was not a mind reader.

2. Stomach.
Not only women who often feel not confident with her body shape. The man was like that, including the size of the stomach, although they tend to be flat stomach. Men can easily feel like this if she kept at the top position. This sort of thing happens to most men, and will be more severe for men who have low self-esteem. To fix this, you can try to occasionally take over the top, or seek approval to conduct sideways position. Do not ever taunted him for the affairs of the size of the stomach because it will interfere with his ego.

3. Orgasm.
In general, when it comes to sex, men need a goal. The purpose is shaped orgasm. As for women, more to "enjoy the ride". Men will feel less manly if not able to bring women to the enjoyment of orgasm. Yet for most women, sex is not always a goal. Orgasm is nice, but the main attraction is to love each other in the plot to orgasm. Most men do not realize this. You can do is to remind him that your goal is not solely to achieve orgasm, but rather an intimate time with him.

4. Penis.
Of course, most personal part of this man will be listed here. Like some sort of competition between the men about this. They are feeling insecure, worrying about whether they owned enough for you, or if you feel comfortable with what they do with that section. He worried about whether the ability to use his property could be associated with manhood. To help, you can tell him what you think of to calm worries. Little encouragement in words can be very helpful. If you are satisfied enough, a little praise or say that you love the time you spent with him and what he has, then he will feel very happy.

Indeed, not all men feel inferior, but if you feel there is little concern reflected in your partner's face every time she opened her clothing, a little empathy might be able to improve the situation.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Better Sleep is Better Activity

When you sleep, you brain is rest. Tomorrow your brain will get another power to get better activity.
Better Sleep Tips I: Improving your daytime habits

How can what you do during the day affect your sleep at night? Better sleep starts with good daytime habits, from when (and how often) you exercise to what you eat and drink.
Regular day exercise can help sleep

Regular exercise, aside from many other wonderful health benefits, usually makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep better. You don’t have to be a star athlete to reap the benefits-- as little as twenty to thirty minutes of activity helps. And you don’t need to do all 30 minutes in one session: break it up into five minutes here, ten minutes there. A brisk walk, a bicycle ride or a run is time well spent. However, be sure to schedule your exercise in the morning or early afternoon. Exercising too late in the day actually stimulates the body, raising its temperature. That’s the opposite of what you want near bedtime, because a cooler body temperature is associated with sleep. Don’t feel glued to the couch in the evening, though. Exercise such as relaxation yoga or simple stretching shouldn’t hurt.

Hate to exercise? Check out Exercise Guide for Exercise Haters
Get some light to set your body clock

We all have an internal body clock that helps regulate sleep. This clock is sensitive to light and dark. Light tells your body clock to move to the active daytime phase. When you get up, open the shades or go outside to get some sunlight. If that’s not possible, turn on the lights to make your environment bright.
Napping can interfere with sleep

Perhaps the English had the right idea in having teatime in the late afternoon when you naturally get sleepy. Some people can take a short afternoon nap and still sleep well at night. However, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, try to eliminate napping. If you must nap, do it in the early afternoon, and sleep no longer than about thirty minutes.
Alcohol, caffeine, smoking

* Alcohol reduces overall quality of sleep. Many people think that a nightcap before bed will help them sleep. While it may make you fall asleep faster, alcohol reduces your sleep quality, waking you up later in the night. To avoid this effect, stay away from alcohol in the last few hours before bed.
* Caffeine. You might be surprised to know that caffeine can cause sleep problems up to ten to twelve hours after drinking it! If you rely on coffee, tea or caffeinated soda to keep you going during the day, consider eliminating caffeine after lunch or cutting back your overall intake.
* Smoking. Smoking causes sleep troubles in numerous ways. Nicotine is a stimulant, which disrupts sleep. Additionally, smokers actually experience nicotine withdrawal as the night progresses, making it hard to sleep.

Want to quit smoking? Read Quit Smoking Your Way
Better Sleep Tips II: Creating a better sleep environment

The key to better sleep might be as simple as making some minor changes to your bedroom. Take a careful look around your sleep environment to see what might be disrupting your sleep.
Your Bed

* Is your bed large enough? Do you have enough room to stretch and turn comfortably in bed, or are you cramped? Having a bedmate makes this even more important- both of you should have plenty of room to stretch out. Consider getting a larger bed if you don’t have enough space.
* Your mattress, pillows and bedding. Waking up with a cramp in your back or a sore neck? You may want to experiment with different levels of mattress firmness and pillows that provide more support. If your mattress is too hard, you can add a foam topper for additional softness. Experiment with different types of pillows – feather, synthetic, and special pillows for side, back or stomach sleepers. Consider your bedding—scratchy sheets might be making you uncomfortable in the middle of the night, or your comforter might not be keeping you warm enough. Consider soft, breathable cotton sheets. Flannel sheets may be cozy for the winter months.

Your Room

Ideally, to maximize sleep, your room should be quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature and ventilation.

* Keep the noise level down. Too much noise- loud outside conversations, televisions blaring, traffic noise - can make it difficult to sleep well. When the source of outside noise can’t be eliminated, sometimes it can be masked. A fan or white noise machine can help block outside noise. Some people enjoy recordings of soothing sounds such as waves, waterfalls or rain. Earplugs may also help, although you want to make sure they don’t block out important noises like an alarm clock if you use one.
* Sleeping maskKeep your room dark during sleep hours. Early morning light can send your body clock the wrong signal that it is time to wake up. Or perhaps there is a streetlamp shining right in your window at night. Heavy shades can help block light from windows, or you can try an eye mask to cover your eyes.
* Room temperature and ventilation. Who can sleep in a hot stuffy room? Or for that matter, a cold drafty one? If you can, experiment with the room temperature. Most people sleep best in a slightly cooler room. Make sure that you have adequate ventilation as well - a fan can help keep the air moving. You also might want to check your windows and doors to make sure that drafts are not interfering with sleep.
* Reserve your bed for sleeping. Do you sometimes balance your checkbook propped up on your pillows? Or jot down some notes for tomorrow’s meeting? It might feel relaxing to do tasks like these on a comfortable bed. However, if you associate your bed with events like work or errands, it will only make it harder to wind down at night. Use your bed only for sleep and sex.

Better Sleep Tips III: Preparing for Sleep
Keep a regular bedtime schedule, including weekends

Time of day serves as a powerful cue to your body clock that it is time to sleep and awaken. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, and it will be easier and easier to fall asleep. However tempting it may be, try not to break this routine on weekends when you may want to stay up much later or sleep in. Your overall sleep will be better if you don’t.

In setting your bedtime, pay attention to the cues your body is giving you. When do you feel sleepy? Set your bedtime for when you normally feel tired, within reason – you may not want to make your bedtime 2am if you have to work at 8am! If you regularly go to bed when you don’t feel sleepy, not only is it harder to fall asleep, but you may start worrying about not sleeping, which can end up keeping you up longer! If you want to change your bedtime, try doing it in small daily increments, such as 15 minutes earlier or later each day.
Foods that help you sleep

Foods that help you sleep Maybe a rich, hearty dinner, topped off with a big slice of chocolate cake might seem like the perfect way to end the day, but it’s wise not to eat a large meal within two hours of bed. Try to make dinnertime earlier in the evening, and avoid heavy, rich foods as bedtime snacks.

However, a light snack before bed, especially one which contains the amino acid tryptophan, can help promote sleep. When you pair tryptophan-containing foods with carbohydrates, it helps calm the brain and allow you to sleep better. For even better sleep, add some calcium to your dinner or nighttime snack. Calcium helps the brain use and process tryptophan. On the other hand, you might want to avoid eating too much protein before bedtime - protein-rich foods contain tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates brain activity. Experiment with your food habits to determine your optimum evening meals and snacks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Teen Moms, How To Be Great Teen Mom...

When you realize now you are have been a mom. Maybe this is unexpected situation that you have to face... Maybe you will fell there are no time for yourself....
Here is some organization tips for you...

Diaper Changing "station".

Keep baby's laundry separate.

One diaper bag, packed and ready to go.

Pick one thing, and make it your routine to clean it.

Resist the urge to get more stuff.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tips : Success Family is In Your Hand

Really need this tips? Is that mean you are married...?
Just kidding...
Here is the tips..
1. Understanding Commitment between your spouse.... this is high priority to understand...
2. Forgiving each other... Do never remind your spouse failure...
3. Accept another weakness.. Weakness is a human,,, We have a weakness. But you need to see positive thing in your spouse.
4. Giving surprise. Maybe so many person forget, they like to get some surprise, so why you do not start to give your spouse surprise?

Maybe this article will be updated...
Giving some comment and maybe you want to add some tips?
Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Take Tips: Shell Command To Send File via FTP

ftp "ip address"
ftp "web site address"




(local-file) "write your file local"


(remote-file) "write the url you want to put the file"

processing transfer

Good luck

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take Tips : Car Exhibition on Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Really nice to get some new about Tokyo Motor Show 2009. this is gonna be a big Exhibition in the end of the year...
This is some tips when you want to buy a new car.. From this exhibition show, you can see so many type of vehicle.. This exhibition will show to you, about the car perform, the car ability, the car power, the car which you need.. You can get so many information by this exhibition.. So if there are some exhibition, not only about Motor Show, you should to go to there especially, if you want to buy something and need the related product with the exhibition, you will get so many information...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Medical Tips : How To Find Right Doctor?

A common problem patients face is that when they go to a new doctor , he insists on repeating all the tests all over again. In NY State, there is a place on the Department of Health web site where you can check on anyone who has a professional license issued through them. While this can be frustrating and expensive, it can be helpful as well, because it allows the doctor to reassess your problem with a fresh perspective. Please ask your doctor to explain why he needs to repeat the tests, and how this will help in your treatment. If tests have already been done, but are more than a year old, or if they have been done from an unreliable lab, you may need to repeat some of these again.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Do you have experience in this treatment? When you last time you get this medical case?

Will you refer me to an obstetrician when I get pregnant or will you deliver the baby?

Will you send me to another physicians or laboratories for treatments or tests?

Which hospital(s) do you use?

Questions to ask About Tests, Surgery, and Treatments

What kind of procedure is it?

What will the procedure tell you?

What results do you expect?

How long will it take?

What will it cost? Does insurance cover it?

Will it hurt? How will it make me feel afterward?

Can you do it in your office? As a hospital outpatient?

Will I be incapacitated? For how long? Will I miss work?

Will my spouse be involved? How? Will he/she miss work?

Will it interfere with our sex life? How?

Is there another alternative about this treatment?

Questions to ask About Medications

How long will I take it?

What will it cost? Does insurance cover it?

Will it hurt or have side effects?

Do I take it at home or at your office?

Advice: How to Manage Time and Set Priorities?

5 How to Manage Time and Set Priorities
Key Point
Good time management means defining priorities and scheduling activities.

What Are The 3 Rules for Effective Time Management?

1. Do not create impossible situations.
2. Define priorities.
3. Avoid distractions and lack of focus.

Do not Create Impossible Situations.

Do not get trapped into doing too much. Do not try to work full time and take a full load. Do not take too many lab classes. Use time to create success, not failure. Be realistic about school. For most classes, plan to study 2 hours for every 1 hour of class.

Make time your friend
not your enemy.

Identify your first priority classes and do whatever it takes to succeed. Drop second priority classes or Reduce work hours if necessary.

Define Your Priorities Using the 3-List Method.

Plan your work,
then work your plan
All time management begins with planning. Use lists to set priorities, plan activities and measure progress. One approach is the 3-list method.

List # 1 - The weekly calendar.
Create a weekly calendar. Make it your basic time budgeting guide. List your courses, work, study time, recreation, meals, TV, relax, etc..

Plan to study first priority classes when you work best. Be flexible, adapt your schedule to changing needs. Keep your schedule handy and refer to it often. If it does not work, change it.

List # 2 - The daily "Things to Do".
Write down all the things that you want to do today. Note homework due or tests or subjects you want to emphasize. Include shopping and personal calls, etc..

This list is a reminder. Use it daily to set priorities and to Reduce decision-making and worry. If time is tight, move items to your long-term list.

Rewrite this list each morning. Use visualization to help you focus on what to do. This list is also a measure of your day-to-day success. Check off items as you finish them and praise yourself for each accomplishment.

List # 3 - Goals and other things.
This can be one or two lists, a monthly list and or long-term list. Put down your goals and things you have to do. What do you want to accomplish over the next month or year? What do you need to buy?

Use this list to keep track of all your commitments. If you're worried about something, put it on this list. The purpose of this list is to Develop long-term goals and to free your mind to concentrate on today.

Avoid Distractions and Lack of Focus.

Time is precious. Yet many people waste time by getting stuck in one or more of the following coats.

Procrastination - putting off important jobs.

Crisis management - being overwhelmed by the current crisis. No time for routine matters.

Switching and Floundering - lack of concentration and focus on one job.

Television, telephones and friends - these are all ways of avoiding work.

Emotional blocks - boredom, daydreaming, stress, guilt, anger and frustration Reduce concentration.

Sickness - getting sick and blowing your schedule.

In all of these cases, the first step is to recognize the problem and resolve to improve. Use priority lists to focus attention. Try positive self-talk. To avoid distractions, find a quiet place to study, the library or a study hall. Get an answering machine.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Getting Job

Maybe for ones person really simple to get a job but for another person it is really difficult to get a job... For the person who is really difficult to get some job, you should to understand this tips.

You need some photo that show you are th pro in your area...
You need to get simple CV with really full your real experience...
Do never change your own skill....
If you have education, you need to explain your best skill in that education...

Take your job right now...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Tips to Secure Your Ride

What ever your ride you need some security to make you feel comfort especially when you get a ride alone... When you ride Motorcycle, you need safety equipment such as helmet, jacket, etc like the gadget from ...

But you need also secure your Motorcycle needn't you?

Here is some tips to make your ride such as Motorcycle, and Car more safety....

For Motorcycle, you should to add more than one security lock.that is the only way i know.. Maybe you also add a alarm security in your Motorcycle system.

For car, you can add some glass stronger than before.. In the development country, there are so many thief which like to broke the glass in your car window... So you need some stronger glass for your car.. Do not forget to get some alarm security in your car system... For some new technology, you can get the key to stop the car engine using your hand phone .

Remember to not leave some valuable price in your Motorcycle, or in your Car...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Search Your Baby Name....

For most people name is relly important to remind another person. With name you can identified another person. It make every person have something unique. Name also have a meaning. Name can make your character. By name you can be famous in the world... When we have a baby, we want a great name for the baby. Sometimes so many idea with the name for the baby.. But we should to know about name meaning also... If you want to know about name, you can search your name in The site is really have so many name meaning....
I want to pick one for my baby also.... :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Tips , Advice: Your Life is Notes

Notes is really helpful... We can make some history about ourself by this note... Maybe we do not know what should we write in the note.... But really you need to bring the note where ever you go... Start to write about some helpful experience and by the note you can share with the other... You also can review what have you done for today... One day when you have so big note, you can give to your children for their life...

Take Tips , Advice : Being Flexible

Flexible is really important in this mobile world... If you do not know how to flexible, you will be the looser. We are not a looser. We are the survivor and the champion in this era... Remember we are really need some positive reaction when something wrong.. When you are able to flexible, Everything is really so fun... Flexible means also limitation... The responsibility is your limitation

Friday, August 14, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Smile To one Person Each day

Smile is also about communication about your feeling with the others. This is really positive for you and for the others. When you want to share your smile, it means you want to give another person happiness. when you give another person smile, you will get a big smile also from the others, and it is become a cycle of smile... This is really amazing to share with the other your smile.. Really smile is also important for me and all of my network.... Do never give up to smile...
For healthy, smile is also make you more handsome and beauty. :)
Keep Smiling and never give up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Building Able To Do List

Make a to do account is bare to facilitate ambience priorities in commutual your tasks. Just say, accomplish a to do account can save time, activity and anticipate stress. To do account and alike advice you to accomplish your goal. But there are several means that charge to be done to actualize a to do account so the after-effects added effective.

1. Choose what's best acceptable for you to address this account of priorities. You can use the book notes, adaptable buzz or may be the calendar.

2. Select apparatus eletronik as Reminder to all your schedule. Reminder PDA use in the agenda to admonish you borrow a movie, shop for a altogether allowance for admirer or business meetings.

3. Actualize a class in the account to do this. Start with the agenda to alarm someone, the appurtenances charge be purchased, and added issues. Then, actualize a class for the business work, projects, contacts, affairs and accomplishment of goals.

4. Check aback lists for you to redesign a priority. Categorize priorities in the 'Week' or 'This Month'.

5. Shop for a account agenda to mark what you charge to do. With a baby account calendar, you can map your interests added clearly. And at the end of the year can accomplish a analysis of what has been acknowledged to do.

Save your dream, dream, alike admitting the best mad. You can alone apprehend the dream of all that. Actualize a account of 16 above goals in activity and analysis your account to do every six months

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Being Creative

Not all people are natural born creative. But do not worry, that creativity can be formed and be sharpened. Follow the instructions below.

1) The first step is most important is if you believe creative! Tell yourself on if you can create new ideas. Give yourself the time to explore mind to find a new possibility.

2) Write the problem in detail that you want to solve. This could be a starting point in achieving the goal.

3) Prepare papers and give itself the time for half an hour to write all the ideas and solutions of problems that are faced. Brainstorming gives you the opportunity to find new things. Enter all, no matter how stupid any ideas that you find it.

4) Once finished, see the list again and zoom out so most of the 10 most important and profitable. This is a list of 10 ideas that you can achieve. Action is the important word here. The idea was the idea before you try to present.

5) With a list of 10 best ideas this, ask a question: "What if the solution is, whether to complete the problem? Is this solution will provide benefits on the other?"

6) From this exercise, you will learn to identify solutions that benefit most. Filter all the ideas so 1 or 2 ideas that give most benefit.

7) Once again, only ACTION makes your creative mind is useful. So start it present.

Most important things you can do in trying to be creative is confident in the ability of your own. Stay positive and level-is constant on the self 'I can do it! "

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Building Effective To Do List

Make a to do list is needed to facilitate setting priorities in completing your tasks. Just say, make a to do list can save time, energy and prevent stress. To do list and even help you to achieve your goal. But there are several ways that need to be done to create a to do list so the results more effective.

1. Choose what's most convenient for you to write this list of priorities. You can use the book notes, mobile phone or may be the calendar.

2. Select tool eletronik as Reminder to all your schedule. Reminder PDA use in the schedule to remind you borrow a movie, buy a birthday gift for boyfriend or business meetings.

3. Create a category in the list to do this. Start with the schedule to call someone, the goods must be purchased, and other issues. Then, create a category for the business work, projects, contacts, plans and achievement of goals.

4. Check back lists for you to redesign a priority. Categorize priorities in the 'Week' or 'This Month'.

5. Buy a weekly calendar to mark what you need to do. With a small weekly calendar, you can map your interests more clearly. And at the end of the year can make a review of what has been successful to do.

Save your dream, dream, even though the most mad. You can only realize the dream of all that. Create a list of 16 major goals in life and review your list to do every six months

Monday, August 3, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Being Artistic

Not all bodies are accustomed built-in artistic. But do not worry, that adroitness can be formed and be sharpened. Follow the instructions below.

1) The aboriginal footfall is best important is if you accept artistic! Tell yourself on if you can actualize fresh ideas. Accord yourself the time to analyze apperception to acquisition a fresh possibility.

2) Address the botheration in detail that you appetite to solve. This could be a starting point in accomplishing the goal.

3) Prepare affidavit and accord itself the time for bisected an hour to address all the account and solutions of problems that are faced. Brainstorming gives you the befalling to acquisition fresh things. Enter all, no amount how brainless any account that you acquisition it.

4) Once finished, see the account afresh and zoom out so best of the 10 best important and profitable. This is a account of 10 account that you can achieve. Action is the important chat here. The abstraction was the abstraction afore you try present.

5) With a account of 10 best account this, ask a question: "What if the band-aid is, whether to complete the problem? Is this band-aid will accommodate allowances on the other?"

6) From this exercise, you will apprentice to analyze solutions that account most. Filter all the account so 1 or 2 account that accord best benefit.

7) Once again, alone ACTION makes your artistic apperception is useful. So alpha it present.

Most important things you can do in aggravating to be artistic is assured in the adeptness of your own. Stay absolute and level-is connected on the cocky 'I can do it! "

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Take Our Own Business

For some person they are available to take a job as employee, but for the others they can not take a job, or they do not want to take a job as an employee (seem like from the bottom of my heart) :).
But in here we will get some tips to take your own business.

Remember the business is not only about money, for example in my business right now, I do not use my own money capital.... I do use another person to get my own imperial... In the fact maybe it is so hard to take our own business with no money at all.. But really it make you appreciate about your own money capital, and your own business. Star From small then you will appreciate it. Amazing isn't it?

Second, you should to focus into your own business. Do never give up for it. But you should to know when to stop it. There are so many time to work and there is so many time for your family. Remember when your family is nice, you can focus to your own business.

Take your own chance. Do open your eyes where ever you are.... Really everything can be money when you open your eyes... I do open my eyes in internet and I get my own money without money capital...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Cleaning Your LCD Screen or Notebook Screen

Development in computer part is amazing.. For example about Monitor and mobile computer (NoteBook). So many person know about LCD and Notebook.. They are so great really flexible. But So many person do not know how to take care their personal notebook screen and also LCD screen. When we want to clean the screen, we should to realize the screen is not made from glass....

Here's How to Clean Your LCD Screen or Notebook Screen :

Turn off the monitor, then you can see the area which is dirty.

Use soft cloth or for more safety use Microfiber Cloth which is usually used to clean eyeglasses.

Do not press the screen hardly.. It can be make a sign in the screen and make the pixels to burn out.

Buy the spray bottle of cleaner to spray in the Microfiber Cloth to clean the screen more effective.. But do not spray it directly in the screen.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Online "Seat Belt" Safety

Really nice when we can know each other in internet, getting some news in internet, have business market in internet... Everything always online right now... But we should to know about "seat belt" safety internet..
Here is some tips for you to take your own "seat belt" safety online.

Keeping personal information is the great choose when you want to protect your own privacy in internet, avoid some person using your personal information. It means you should not to give your address.

Make sure that you are on an age-appropriate site. Do never go to the web which is not on your age...

Getting some filter when you browsing to get your security system of your own computer. Do not let another person able to get your data in your computer via internet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Preparing to Travel

The first thing which you need is Passport and Visas.

The second thing is Airport location.

The third you should to understand about Customs, limitation when you go to some country.

The fourth is: when you go to another country which has a different temperature, you should to check your Health before go to some country. make sure that you do not have an medical problem in that country.

The fifth is Language and Culture in another place maybe different than the place when you stay.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Take Tips, Advice: Coffee Maker

1. Coffee quality is really important to make great coffee. Use only the freshest coffee beans.
2. Always use good quality, cold water. Brewed coffee is approximately 98% water...good water quality is essential. Use fresh water, and clean water. Water is the second element to make great coffee.
3. The grind chosen must be of the correct fineness for the chosen brewing method. Grind the coffee only as you need it.
4. Make only enough coffee for your immediate needs. The coffee will deteriorate if you keep it too long. Avoid reheating coffee, it just doesn't taste the same.
5. The coffee brewer should produce a brew water temperature of 200 degrees F (+ or - 5 degrees). Avoid boiling brewed coffee - it is a sure way to spoil the coffee.
6. Use approximately 70 grams of coffee per litre of water.
7. Do never drink coffee that has been left on a hot-plate for over 45 minutes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Do never Let Another Person Know About Your Weakness (Especially Your Girl) :D

Weakness is a problem, and girl also a big weakness for so many man. Do never let your weakness and your girl together. You should to divorce them... :D
when they are together they gonna have so many energy to destroy you whenever they want. Until the time is begin, You will be so depressed, and hopeless and feel so bad..... When the time is started it is gonna be like some planet crushing your body like a piece.... and you will understand why you should not make them together....

No body perfect, but woman need some one perfect. So your weakness is only in your heart do never share with them.
Thanks Reader...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Buying Domains

Domain is really important for our website. Domain can identified your website, and also make another person remember your website where ever they are..
Here is some tips when you want to buy domain:
- Register your domain in the reputable company
- Make domain with the name which another person remember as fast as possible,
- Looking for coupon promo code in the website (You can search in
- Choose your payment method for your order.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Making Decision

Decision is the most important thing in our life..
We can be the best or the worst person in the world by our decision. We should to understand that experience is not always being a great teacher.. we do not need the bad experience. we can learn from another person experience., and making ourself decision. This is the great thing when you make a decision.. Remember about another person experience in your situation. Maybe the situation is not always same 100%, but we can take the principle when we are in the situation which push us to make a decision.
A little thing of our decision can make so many thing change. It can change our personality, another person personality and also our nature. A little thing will gonna be a big thing when we think so.
Remember our big thing? It always become from small and little thing. The little thing from your decision will change your life from now.

Thank you for reading.

I wanna be "someone" and "something". I will never be "nothing" and "no one",

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Using Domain Tools

When we want to buy some domain, we need to know about the status of the domain. Is it registered, or available, or in sale condition. We are really using tools to know about the domain... I am not promote some tools. You can use another tools but for now i am using I feel it is really informative and will give some suggestion name for you. Just check it out by yourself, i do not give a live link because, i do not want the reader feelings i am not objective writer...

Thank you..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take Tips, Advice: Finding Love

No body know about finding your love because love does not define correctly, and we do not have same perception about love.
But here is my tips when i do find my love:
- Looking at "the person" who you feel interesting.
- Stick together with your friends, and watch "him/her" when the person is under pressured condition. See what is the reaction with that condition.
- Think about your future. Imagine when the person is being old or get some accident.

When you thing the person is your love, you should to get the person

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Understanding Your Web-Site Visitor (Google Analytics)

When you started to build a blog, or web-site, we really wanted so many person visit to our web-site or our blog. When our blog or our web-site is published, we are really want to know who is our web-site visitor, So many tool, that support us to know about our visitor. One of the tools is google analytics (Google Analytics).
I do also using this tools. By google analytics (Google Analytics), we can know so many things about our unique visitor, where they are come from, their country, their city, when they come to us, and also average time visit for every visitor.
It is just a few feature. You can get more than that.
Thank you to google, because google want to care about their user. Google understand about what user want...
However, we should to care about our visitor. We should to think like our visitor to get some traffic into our blog or web-site.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tips, Advice : How to Protect Your Eyes?

We realize our eyes is really important for our activities. Maybe because of our lifestyle, can make our eyes is not health anymore.

Here is some tips to protect your eyes...

1. Protect your eyes from sun shine.... You can use sunglasses or use a hat to protect your eyes directly from sun shine.

2. Stop Smoking.... Smoking can make our eyes degeneration.

3. Check your eyes healthy routine. You should to go to check your eyes in the medical center.

4. Get your eyes to relax every 20 minutes.... Do never push your eyes ability when your eyes tired.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tips Advice : Choosing Logo For Your Business

A logo is really important for business. Many person can recognize your business from your business logo. It is also nice to get market target from your business. Another person will remember your business from your unique logo. Here are the basic things you should to know before choose your own logo;

1. Avoid the trendy logo, except your target market is only teens.

2. Try to timeless. Do not get a time limitation for your logo. When another person see your logo was changed, it was same when another person see your brand was changed.

3. Your logo is also about your product. You should to think what is the customer want from your product. Then compare with your competitor logo. Choose the thing that you like or do not like. The thing is also about, color and shape.

4. Make simple logo. Do not make it complicated, because your customer will not remember your logo. Simple logo is more flexible. You can put it in t-shirt, magazine, etc.

5. Take a commitment to use the logo. You should to make the customer know about that logo in the first time transaction.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tips : How do you find the right loan?

We always seeing many advertisement about loan. They offer very much "benefits" for us. So we should to know about How to find the right loan for your financing.
Our life is really unpredictable,. there are so many changing in our life. We should to realized about our situation and what is the trigger to make us need loan. A personal loan could be for a car, home improvements, business improvement, or even to pay off credit card bills in one go, allowing you to spread the repayments over a longer time at a lower interest rate. But we should to choose the best trigger when we need a loan.. We should to ask to ourself,: "Is it urgent?", "If it is not urgent, is it gonna make me better than now for everlasting or only for temporary?".
After deciding to take a loan, you should to compare the key issues to consider when choosing which loan to take out.

Borrowing limits
You can generally get up to £15,000 - but some lenders offer up to £25,000. You can often get approval in principle over the phone with the money available in just a few days.

Loan terms
Some lenders will give you a loan for as short a period as six months, although a year is more common. The maximum length is usually seven years, although some firms will lend over ten. Personal loan make the most sense for people who want to repay something over a few years. If you only need the money over six months using your credit card probably makes more sense.

Banks, building societies and, increasingly, supermarket chains offer personal loan at competitive rates. Avoid loan from small firms that you have never heard of - this is a lightly regulated area and some of these loan can carry high interest rates coupled with heavy redemption penalties should you decide to move your loan to a cheaper firm.

Reputable firms generally charge penalties of no more than two months' interest if you pay off the loan early. Shop around - your mortgage lender may offer you a preferential rate, for example, but you might still be better going elsewhere.

Rates are generally fixed for the duration of the loan, which means you know exactly how much you will repay each month. The disadvantage is that you could be paying more than borrowers who take out a similar loan in six months' time - on the other hand you could pay less.
1. A fixed rate loan can provide you the security of an unchanging fully amortized payment. The typical term of the loan is 30 years. This type of loan usually works out best for those who plan to stay in their home for the long-term.

There are variations to the 30 year loan. A 15 year payment term allows you to pay less interest for the life of the loan, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest paid over the life of the loan, but you will be making larger payments.

If you're not comfortable with larger payments you can still save money paid in interest over the term of the loan and shorten the life of the loan by several years. Simply divide your monthly payment by 12 and add that amount to each monthly payment making 13 payments instead of 12 for the year.

Choosing a 40 year term will give you a smaller monthly payment but you will also build equity more slowly and pay more in interest during the loan's term.

A multi-year fixed rate loan with a balloon payment offers lower payments and usually has lower closing costs. You will definitely want to refinance the loan prior to the balloon payment due date though!
2. Choose a buydown loan if you feel the need to ease into making full payments. You may be able to temporarily buy down the interest rate for the first two or three years of the loan. For example, the first year you might pay 3% interest, the second year 4%, the third year 5% and finally the full 6% the fourth year and from then on for the life of the loan. These loans are fully amortized. Be aware that lenders charge you up front for this option.
3. Interest only loans provide a smaller fixed monthly payment to begin with, making payments of only interest with no principal amount included. The loan then resets, usually at the end of a five or ten year period, to cover both principal and interest for the remaining 20 or 25 years of the loan term. These loans are also amortized over the full term of the loan.

Interest only loans are also available at adjustable rates. Ask about the adjustable rate reset periods and interest rate caps.

Either way, you do not have to worry about your repayments soaring. Many lenders will insist that you take out a direct debit for the repayments.

Generally, the interest rate falls if you take out a larger loan. The crucial rate to look for is the APR - annual percentage rate - which includes the effect of any arrangement fees you have to pay, although few lenders actually charge these today.

Credit checks
Lenders want to make sure that you are a good risk and do not have a history of bad debts and unpaid loans behind you. To do this they will check your entry on credit registers. A poor credit record won't necessarily prevent you from getting a loan, but you will probably have to pay a higher interest rate. You may find it harder to get a loan if you are self-employed or are on a short-term contract.

Unsecured loans
Unlike a mortgage, this type of loan is not secured on your home. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender cannot repossess your home. That is why the interest rate is higher than for a mortgage.

Loan protection insurance is offered with many loans, otherwise called Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). This covers your loan if you are unable to meet the payments because of unemployment or ill health. Think carefully whether you really need this cover or not. It is often expensive, and if your financial situation is precarious, should you be borrowing even more money?

If you do want the insurance, ask about exclusions and small print which could make it hard for you to claim.

Some lenders do not show the cost of the insurance in the monthly interest rate you are quoted. However, following a long-overdue change, lenders must now show the whole cost including the insurance in their APR. This makes a comparison based on the interest rate much easier and gives you some idea of the real cost of the loan plus insurance.

The sale of PPI alongside loans will be banned from October 2010, but be aware that, until then, these policies are usually expensive as well as unnecessary.

Before you take a loan, please make a planning about payment schedule, and remember to pay your loan as best as possible.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Advice Tips : Technology is Your Right...

Many person buy some gadget do not know how to use it, do not know what they need... They buy some gadget is only because another person references and maybe about an advertisement that they see everyday, or maybe because of fashionable gadget, they want to impress another person.
Then they will buy gadget that they do not need. and they only being some gadget hunter because they do not know how to use it. For example: the person who does not need internet connection, and they buy some gadget with the high speed internet connection. The person will become need an internet connection because they buy the gadget. Then the person will need more expense to pay the internet connection. Maybe for some person who need an internet connection, it is ok to buy that gadget. You should to know about some gadget we do not need and then we will need it because we buy the gadget. We should to realize that there were so many money that we will pay for that gadget, understanding about what we need, will help us to buy the gadget..... Technology is your Right....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tips, Advice : How to Remember Something

Have you forgotten about something important? Day after day, our brain development is decreasing, because we are not practice to develop it. Maybe we just live with the same routine activities. Actually our brain cells has connected each other when we practice. It is same like sponge which absorb a water. But if there is not practice, our brain same like a sponge without a water, become a rock, and day after day it's hard to absorb a water anymore.
By this illustration, We understand to make practice everyday to train our brain to remind something.
So we need to connected another thing that usually we use with something new that we want to remind. For example : we usually to take a bath before go to super market, and we want to buy a milk in super market, so we will remind about take a bath with a milk. Then when we arrive in super market, we connected each activities before we go to supermarket. We will find take a bath and it is going to remind us to take a bath with a milk, then we will buy a milk.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Advice Tips : Get Your Girl who you loved

Do you remember your friends who have a girl friend? He is able to get a girlfriend so why you are not? Being a Gentleman Bro.

First Time :
Do not being a ridiculous person. Talk about little thing like "Good Day", giving smile, and talk about small thing.

Be Your self :
Do not being another person remember "You are you".

Being nice guy, and do not being joker :
You should to know how to make her smile and how to serious when she need. Do not being 100% of funniest person.

Your conversations with a girl:
A girl just need to be listened when they talk. Do not give any comment for them. Just see their personality from them when they talk. So you just listen, listen, and listen.

Being Social Person :
Help each other, not only that girl but also another like kids, or old person. Being good speaker and listener

Know more about her:
You must know everything about her.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tips, Advice to Buy a Car

Determine Your budget And The Car that you want
You should to know about your financial and the car that match with your financing. For example: Your budget is only $10,000 , you can not buy new BMW series or another sport car. Do never buy a car that over from your budget. Remember your car should be needed and will help you. Do never make it like an evil that is able to depress you.

Compare with another dealer
You should to research about the dealer that sell a car which you want. After that ask to them about the best price that they have to offer. You should to check the opinion about the dealer. Check their after sales service, etc.

Get leasing / financing in order
If you want to credit that car, you should to research about leasing, or financial company that offer car purchased. Even the dealer have cooperation with the Leasing company, you should to know about the smallest interest that they offer.

Understand about your car resale value
Getting to know about your car resale value is really important, because by that information you will decide to buy a new car or second hand car, If you want to buy second hand car you will know the price from the car's year. For example: minus 10% ( for first year and second year )

Negotiate the purchase
Negotiate the purchase is really important to compare expected trade-in value and get the best finance rate. * You should to negotiate about the rate price

*Do not negotiate monthly payment

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips For SEO (Session 1)

SEO is really important for your Page Rank.... SEO will increase your web / blog traffic. Here is some simple tips for SEO:
Title of your blogs should same with the article in your blog. Remember do never write something that not related with your blog title. Make SE ( Search Engine ) more simple to get your page.
Article title should identify the content of your article. Article title should be really simple. SE ( Search Engine ) will get your article as simple as they want,
Do not write so many keyword. You just need some point of your content.
Giving a differentiation by using Bold, or italic code in your article or in your sitemap. So SE ( Search Engine ) will knowing you better than another web / blog.

Have a nice Day...
Best Regard.
Thank you for stopping and reading.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tips Work Smart and NOT HARd.....

Many workers really smart to work and so many workers hard to work....
I want to share about my knowledge in my studied.

Work 20% for 80%:
Remember this Theory??
In this theory we only work in 20% of our life to get 80% result. How can??/
For example: Who is the person only work a little this and they get so many result? If you see in many company, So many person work for them but Company pay 80% for their President, Vice President, and Manager, who work to organized another employee, and 20% is for another employee who work in factory, or in the any division. The person who work 24/7 get 20% and the person who work 4/2 get 80%...Really nice.. Can you get it...? Better to work in the little time, Looking for information in internet and then share with another but thinking more efficient every time...So work can be more efficient. Do not worry because 80% will come for you..

Thank's for Reading
Have a Nice Day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tips to Choose Your Education

When you are in senior high school and want to choose University, maybe you will be confused with so many University. So This is a tips when you want to choose an education into University.
You need to understand about your talent, and your hobbies. You need to choose first priority from your talent and your hobby. After that you will know about job description that you want after you finish your study. By that job description you will know about what education is that you needed. It is call RCE (Reverse Choose Education). But you should know about your ability when you choose education include your finance factor. Do not take any education just because you do not know about that or maybe you get only less information, or maybe only your friend (girl friend or boy friend..:P) Remember this is about your future....
Do not forget to write your objectives when you choose this education. Remember about your hobby,,an do not cut off your education event you are feeling so bored in your education...
Note: Maybe you can not move into University because some reason but remember, internet and search engine can give you some education and information from the expert, do not forget about that and you can take some course also....Do never give up... Education is not limited edition in this era.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Page Rank

After research about google page rank, I want to share about what I get from that it is....
Page rank is a ranking system that show you about rank in the famous search engine like Google. Page rank is really important to getting traffic in your site...
How can we get page rank in Google search engine,,,,??
First of all you need to submit your url into google index ( For more information about this, please visit: Google Index Article )
A single link from a site with a Page Rank 6 can immediately boost your site to a Page Rank 5.. So you will need a link from another site that has a great page rank.. Page internal link is also important to get page rank in google search engine. But you should to know about how natural your internal link. Do never cheat about internal link because it's gonna make google drop your page rank....
Page rank is also important when you want to share your idea in internet. For example when people search about page rank, and they did not find your site or blog, you can not share your opinion and your idea about page rank.. Page rank is also important to get some money when your blog or site have some advertisement like google adsense (For more information about adsense, please visit: ). When you share your opinion and you idea, maybe they want to know more about that and they will visit the adsense in your site or blog.
Do never give up to update your blog every day. Your page rank will be increased when you give the best information.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Job Interviewing Tips

Many people for the first time looking for interviewing tips....
Just sit and relax.......

Here it is:

  • Before interviewing:

    Ø Make sure the place of interviewing meeting
    It’s really important to know the place of interviewing meeting to avoid an traffic jam in some area, so you can choose another alternate ways.
    Ø Remember the name who is you want to meet for interviewing
    Don’t forget to ask the name of the person who is you want to meet.
    Ø Prepare your dress code one day before
    Being understanding your dress code, you should to fit your job and your dress code.
    Ø Get rest enough in the night.
    Do never late to sleep so you can get wake up in the early morning
    Ø Prepare your English before
    If English is not your primary language, please practice for this language.
    Ø Prepare the reason why you want to get this job
    Ø Prepare the reason why company shall to get you as their employee
    Give your quality, primary strength.
    Ø Considering salary that you want and also job description that you thinking
    Ø Remember your interest in your activity and related with the job
    Ø Come early approximately 25 minutes
    Ø Go to TOILET,,,, for Preparing your performance

  • In Interviewing Process

    Ø Being Professional in your attitude
    Ø Being relax
    Ø Your answer must be connected with the question
    Ø If you have an opportunities to ask some question:
    o Ask about your job description
    o The budget for your salary

  • After interviewing

    Ø Consider your job description expectation and job description from company, Are you in the correct position?
    Ø Consider your salary expectation and salary from company. Is it enough?
    Ø Is it balance between your salary and your job description?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Build Blog Using Blogger

Hope it's still uptodate for a new comers.....

So here we go....

you should to go to Blogger url:
and then this user interface will appear in your web browser
click the oval mark

this user interface will appear in your web browser.

You should to fill the form to create an account
And then click the oval mark

this user interface will appear in your web browser.

Full fill your blog title,
The url that you want,
Don’t forget to check the availability for your url
And then click the oval mark

Choose the template that’s you want.
Click the oval mark in this interface

You have your own blog right now… Horraaaaayyyy.

If you like to start write your blog click the oval mark that appear seem like in this print screen

Starting to write your title of your article.
Write your idea or your opinion, or anything that you want.
And the last you should to give a label for you article and also click the oval mark, to publish your article

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Ways to get Google index

First of all we should to understand 'Why getting google index is really impportant for you?'

Google is a famous search engine. So when your web / blog get google index…, your web / blog is also getting some famous from this search engine…..
Another person who looking for the same subject in google search engine gonna get your web in the google list

There are so many ways to getting index in

But in this case there are three ways appear to get google index:

Submitted direct into Google directory…

Add your url

To the google directory……

Get a link from a web which google already crawl.

You can contact the webmaster to get this, or maybe post your comment about their web and give your url after.

Submitted your web / blog into open directory or yahoo directory

Hope you can get google index as fast as possible..
Don’t forget to renew your article...
For increase your page rank in google index, please visit : Page Rank article