Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slim Your Body With Avoid This Food

1. Fried foods
A flat stomach will never be obtained if a person continues to eat fried foods. Fried foods contain fats that can be stored up in cells and tissues in the abdomen.

2. Sweet drinks and sodas
Many a sweet drink made from sugar, especially artificial, of course, will not make a flat belly. Compounds contained therein can be converted into fat more quickly than we think, and the stomach will be the repository of these fats.

Examples of beverages to be avoided is the carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

3. Foods high berkabohidrat
Carbohydrate in the diet can be converted to fat very quickly by the body. So subtract the portion of rice, white bread, pasta and other foods that contain lots of carbohydrates. Instead, it is recommended to be consumed whole wheat bread and pasta wheat.

4. Salt or sodium
Eating lots of salt as well as accommodate a lot of water in the body, which will make the body fat and visible swelling. This is because salt can bind water in the body, so that will make a potbelly.

5. Foods that contain trans fats
There are a lot of trans fats in processed food is unhealthy food. In addition, trans fats can also make the stomach look bloated.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Thing Causes Emotional Outburst

Once you see the people who shout angrily or face taut with red eyes only because of trivial issues. Some people are not able to control his emotions very well and very easily upset. What is the source of this irrational rage?

Anger is one kind of natural emotion, but if these emotions can not be controlled properly can certainly harm others.

The experts are now starting to ask why so many people who easily get angry, even for an unclear reason.

There are
some of the things that trigger a person very easily upset, namely:

1. Stress
Stress is the most common causes someone to be a stern or angry easily. This condition can be caused by everyday life, work environment or the many causes of stress in the environment. To overcome this, one must know beforehand what causes stress. After that try to see it from a neutral point of view and not let emotions affect the assessment.

2. Sleep Deprivation
Someone who has a few hours of sleep the night most likely grow into a person irritable. People who sleep less, will always feel tired and exhausted so easily ignited emotions. To find out how many hours of sleep you need, try experimenting during holidays.

3. Medical condition
Some health conditions are disturbed, such as colds, flu, headaches or other physical discomfort can also make a person irritable.

4. Emotional problems
Any problems associated with emotional triggers a person to be irritable. To overcome this condition can easily learn to meditate or program control your emotions.

5. Drug interactions
If someone is eating a variety of drugs at the same time, there is the possibility of interactions between one drug with another can make a person irritable. In addition there are also some medications that can make a person irritable if interact with caffeine. Therefore identify what the side effects and contraindications of each drug.

6. Genes in the body
A study shows a person can very easily upset while others do not depend on an existing gene in its body. One of the genes that are considered to be the cause of irritable person is DARPP-32, this gene makes a person so easily provoked to anger.