Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 7 Things You Must Check Before Buy Used Car

After checking the car body is now time to see the inside or interior of our used car appraiser.
1. Dashboard, if anyone has cracked or broken. We recommend that you avoid buying a car that dashboardnya condition is not good because it is difficult to fix. Open the drawer of your dashboard and see how his condition. Check the center console also how his condition.

2. Condition of steering wheel, leather-covered if it was still in good condition.

3. Jok, if we suggest you try to use car seat cover, seat of the original how diintip conditions. Section chair to note again is a plastic-plastic chair covers and other plastic-plastic, but sometimes there are already broken. Then to check the settings backed chair seat forward to check whether there are abnormalities or not.

4. Do not forget to watch the door and bekleding conditions in the rearview mirror.

5. Glanced at the bottom to see if the carpet looks fur-bulunnya arise means there is a possibility never been opened and cleaned. If the rug does not look clean usually reflects that the owner of the car less slick. Then also check whether carpet trunk mat is still original or not, still good condition or not.

6. Then see if the ceiling is in good condition or not, dirty or clean, if there is depressed scars may never be used for cars carry the goods.

7. Sun Visor also check whether the lid can be opened perfectly. Furthermore, to observe the condition of the radio tape or CD / DVD has been replaced before sale if you live in considering whether there are broken or scratched tape radio around the house, check all the sound systems in the work function.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sex And Injury

Muscles are interested emerged as the most common complaint, followed by a back injury, the burned carpet, stiff neck, and elbow or knee berbentur (bruise).
Hundreds of thousands of British citizens every year due to injury in the silence of wounded or injured during sex. They are generally shy to reveal the injury because
Sofa turned out to be the most risky places to have sex, especially since the number of drinks and dishes are still lying around the couch when the excitement peaks, and no longer bearable. The ladder was second followed by the family car and bathroom. Other dangerous locations, including chairs, kitchen table, bathroom, garden, and office cabinets.
In addition to risk life and limb, sex can leave a trail of damage around the house, with a bed frame, a glass of wine, and framed photos are the riskiest damaged goods. Some people are more energetic to admit, they are not intentionally break down walls or breaking even a drawer or door.
As quoted from the Telegraph, the most common injuries that occur during sex are:

1. Muscle interested
2. Injured his back
3. Burn
4. Sprained neck
5. Knee or elbow jerk
6. Bruised shoulder
7. Knees bent
8. Sprained wrist
9. Sprained ankle
10. Crooked fingers

While the area is dangerous:

1. Sofa
2. Ladder
3. Car
4. Bathroom
5. Bedroom
6. Chair
7. Kitchen table
8. Park
9. Toilet
10. In a working closet

And the items most often damaged are:

1. Bed frames
2. Glass
3. Photo frame
4. Chair
5. Tea cup
6. Wall
7. Drawer cabinets
8. Door
9. Window
10. Flower vase

Insomnia Can Lead To Premature Death

Is your night time sleep less than six hours every day? If so, you must be careful because the night sleeping less than six hours per day can lead to premature death.
How to escape from the stress of life and restore the best stamina is sleeping. Through sleep, your body will rest and cells will be regenerated. However, sleep is not a simple job turns out. Work pressure and fast-paced lifestyle makes a lot of people experience insomnia.
Insomnia that lasts less than a week, also called transient insomnia, usually caused by acute stressors, circadian changes, jet lag and working in shifts (shift work). Furthermore, insomnia lasts for 1-4 weeks which is also called the short-term insomnia. The cause could be due to the berlangsur continue Stressor and drugs.
Insomnia certainly can not be ignored because it can adversely affects. Lack of sleep can interfere with productivity, causing fatigue, reduced memory, can even cause accidents. But who needs to watch out for is the physical disruption caused by insomnia.
Sleep is a primary need, sleep disorders will reduce the body resistance so that the chance menculnya various diseases. If insomnia is long-lasting and relaxation therapy did not result in success, need professional handling. Your doctor will give direction and type of insomnia suffered by giving psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy treatment accordingly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slim Your Body With Avoid This Food

1. Fried foods
A flat stomach will never be obtained if a person continues to eat fried foods. Fried foods contain fats that can be stored up in cells and tissues in the abdomen.

2. Sweet drinks and sodas
Many a sweet drink made from sugar, especially artificial, of course, will not make a flat belly. Compounds contained therein can be converted into fat more quickly than we think, and the stomach will be the repository of these fats.

Examples of beverages to be avoided is the carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

3. Foods high berkabohidrat
Carbohydrate in the diet can be converted to fat very quickly by the body. So subtract the portion of rice, white bread, pasta and other foods that contain lots of carbohydrates. Instead, it is recommended to be consumed whole wheat bread and pasta wheat.

4. Salt or sodium
Eating lots of salt as well as accommodate a lot of water in the body, which will make the body fat and visible swelling. This is because salt can bind water in the body, so that will make a potbelly.

5. Foods that contain trans fats
There are a lot of trans fats in processed food is unhealthy food. In addition, trans fats can also make the stomach look bloated.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Thing Causes Emotional Outburst

Once you see the people who shout angrily or face taut with red eyes only because of trivial issues. Some people are not able to control his emotions very well and very easily upset. What is the source of this irrational rage?

Anger is one kind of natural emotion, but if these emotions can not be controlled properly can certainly harm others.

The experts are now starting to ask why so many people who easily get angry, even for an unclear reason.

There are
some of the things that trigger a person very easily upset, namely:

1. Stress
Stress is the most common causes someone to be a stern or angry easily. This condition can be caused by everyday life, work environment or the many causes of stress in the environment. To overcome this, one must know beforehand what causes stress. After that try to see it from a neutral point of view and not let emotions affect the assessment.

2. Sleep Deprivation
Someone who has a few hours of sleep the night most likely grow into a person irritable. People who sleep less, will always feel tired and exhausted so easily ignited emotions. To find out how many hours of sleep you need, try experimenting during holidays.

3. Medical condition
Some health conditions are disturbed, such as colds, flu, headaches or other physical discomfort can also make a person irritable.

4. Emotional problems
Any problems associated with emotional triggers a person to be irritable. To overcome this condition can easily learn to meditate or program control your emotions.

5. Drug interactions
If someone is eating a variety of drugs at the same time, there is the possibility of interactions between one drug with another can make a person irritable. In addition there are also some medications that can make a person irritable if interact with caffeine. Therefore identify what the side effects and contraindications of each drug.

6. Genes in the body
A study shows a person can very easily upset while others do not depend on an existing gene in its body. One of the genes that are considered to be the cause of irritable person is DARPP-32, this gene makes a person so easily provoked to anger.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tips: Decrease Your Weight, 1Kg..

This factor is very important, because one must believe in himself beforehand that he was able to do so.

Starting something new is not easy, sometimes it can be one significant obstacle. But if you've managed to start and get good results, then one would not want to return to the past.

No one can succeed without the support of the people around it. Doing weight-loss program together can provide more maximum results, because he has people who care and will continue to motivate him when he was down.

Body like what is wanted? Make your body healthy and happy life as a goal.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Increase Your Skill, And Leave Bad Habits In College

Phase then it must work to come into force in accordance with the rules of professional local office. Here are some of the habits of college that consciously or not is still often do.

Delaying work
While in college, postponing the task of teaching can be a matter of course. From start working on overnight duty, tracing task friend, relying on friends to do it, so nothing resolved if feeling lazy come hit. In the world of work, this situation would not be a tolerance. Every person has responsibility for each job. So, do not expect you can sit back and throw the work to colleagues in the office, yes.

Solution: In order to complete the work in accordance with predetermined deadlines, start by determining the scale of priorities and deadlines for yourself. If the middle of your task completion process is saturated or not able to find the right ideas, legitimate kok leave work for a while to find the inspiration to do activities you enjoy, such as a walk in the mall, listening to music or watching movies.

Even so, not to forget time. Especially if you work in a team. Not only harming yourself, but would also hurt other colleagues who could not complete the task because of you. Try to put ourselves as partners who would be harmed if you delay the work. This will make us encouraged to complete the task on time.

On time
If the time course, we can freely go to class attendance even to friends. After all, professors would not take much notice of students who were present or not. However, at the world of work, you are required to attend on time in accordance with prevailing working hours in each company. If there is a need that will make you come late, you must provide the news or ask your boss first. The reason you delay not only impact on attendance, but also reduces your time to work productively. With limited working time, it will make you difficult to concentrate.

Solution: If you do not get used up early, try to find a place to live / boarding houses that were located close to the office. That way, you do not have to wake up too early and can save you time travel to the office. So no hurry in the morning, get used to prepare all the necessary work at night. This is to avoid the goods or the necessary files left in the house.

Notice appearance
While in college, we would prefer jeans and T-shirt as a costume to go to the campus mainstay. Apart from the aspect of comfort, as well as a form of self expression is relaxed and free. While the world of work, not all companies provide the freedom for its employees to appear relaxed. For some professions and companies with a strong image, would look into one of the main things that must be considered. Call it public relations profession, lawyers, secretaries, bankers, or others who require their employees to wear neat and formal, even in uniform.

Solution: corporate work culture is usually reflected from the way their employees dress. However, our appearance is okay still be supported by quality of work is also good. Each company usually has a different policy, there kok allowing employees free dress on Friday. But, if you're not the type that can survive well beyond the clothing, try to select companies that are flexible and allow employees to dress freely. Typically, a company engaged in a creative field allows you to more freely express themselves.

Indiscriminate friend
On campus, make friends with some of the choices and then formed a gang is not unusual. However, in the workplace, make friends with many people and networks as possible. Therefore, we must be able to adapt and work with anyone. Fine if you had a few close friends in the office, but that does not mean you shut yourself with other colleagues.

Solution: Try to mingle and have fun with colleagues after office hours. This will build a closeness between you and your coworkers. Although not picky friends, you still need to sort out where a friend who can bring good or bad effects on business.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tips, To Be Smarter Than Today

The researchers found that napping for an hour is enough to increase the brain's ability to learn new facts in the next hour. On the other hand, the longer we stay for literacy, the more sluggish minds.

When we were little, nap obligations provided by the parents seemed to be torture for us. Surprisingly, when we are adults, we have to steal time so he could close his eyes half-hour. Can sleep a little while his influence was so great for us: the body shape so much more after that.

New research also said that soundly napping also able to increase learning capacity of the brain dramatically. Great, right?

These new findings support previous data from the same research team, that staying up all night can reduce the ability to incorporate new things almost as much as 40 percent. This is due to the closure of parts of the brain during sleep we lose time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Used Auto Loan Advice

The Things, you should do...:

Aside from traditional bad credit loans, individuals should check into alternative loan options in order to obtain the used auto they need. For instance, asking a friend or family member who has the money to spare may be a good way to obtain the loan that is needed. Another very important thing individuals should do is compare the different kinds of bad credit auto loans online. There are many lenders who are willing to provide loans to individuals with bad credit so that they can purchase a used automobile, but the loans are all different and come with different interest rates. Also, each lender may require a different kind of credit score and have other criteria that must be met in order for the individual to receive the loan. Then check out their policies, reputation, years in business, and the rates they are offering. It helps to get quotes from each company. By comparing you will realize where each company stands and you will be able to make a sound decision.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Avoiding Violence in The Office?

The office sometimes does not always harmonious. There are only a few people that are difficult to face or cooperative. Harsh words often appear as a form of competition or anything whatsoever to reach the target.

Attitude that is too demanding superiors and subordinates who feel cornered could trigger a conflict that ultimately reduce labor productivity. Not to mention the small friction-friction fellow employees are also often make one of them was hurt.

If you've felt the pain or pressure, sometimes prolonged stress out employees and did not want to be at work again. Because there are no new places that usually make employees endure. But any new job does not mean security is not going to see people more difficult.

Employees and employers is a unit of mutual need. Employees are the backbone of a company that helps employers in running the company's mission vision. To achieve these objectives need cooperation and effective communication between superiors and subordinates.

To avoid friction, friction that occurs in the working world, the most fundamental thing that must be improved is communication.

But communication is the most common vertical communication from top to bottom, the boss always govern his subordinates to do the work and often scathing criticism.

To avoid violence in the office between the employer and fellow employees subordinate to avoid violence in the office, according to Nina takes three attitudes, namely:

1. Empathy
Superiors and subordinates to share the nature of empathy, not sympathy. Empathy means that we perceive and understand other people is not based on self reference, but the benchmark person. Empathy also means that a person should be able to see the values, views and interests of others without comparing it with personal benchmark.

The essence of empathy is to always see things from another benchmark, not personal. Not only the boss who must empathize with subordinates, but also vice versa.

2. Openness
Problems that occur between superiors and subordinates is a problem of openness. Many subordinates who feel insecure to be open to his boss. Cause all kinds, can be because it is indeed closed, excessive fear or because of a tenuous relationship with the boss.

But the best is the communication should be open communication. So try to be open to any employer risks.

3. Attitude understand
To note that communication is being transmitted, so if we want to understand other people better understand the other person first. Do not be demanding on others.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do Not Want To Be Leaved? Don't Do It...

You must be upset if someone who repeatedly reminded about your job. So, why do we, the wives, often acted as her husband? Most important, how do we stop undermining her husband?

Not because of love
Why do the wives often undermine the husband? Generally, they do so as a form of attention. Psychologist Molly Barrow, PhD says, how to love like that is somewhat misleading.

According to Barrow, undermining is not a form of affection or love. The husband actually will feel you do not trust the ability and responsibility. In addition, can also undermine the cause unpleasant situation. Undermining You can create an unpleasant situation. You may be undermining the terror of her husband and eventually her husband was not at home. Alternatively, the husband would be angry, resentful, and felt cramped.

Various kinds of undermining
Barrow explained by saying, "Kan told me many times," the responsibility to remind their husbands, the wives of the means to make their husbands do have responsibilities. In fact, on several occasions, undermining it makes deliberate dereliction of duty husbands or wives reprimand. Remember a good husband and just once. Reminds something repeatedly with a fussy will cause many problems, including fights.

Barrow explains another form of undermining or fussy attitude, which make themselves as enviable party. "Like Mama dong, never forget to pay electricity," one example. Such behavior undermines often found in couples who initially felt to have much in common, but then began to find the differences. They often try to undermine each other to follow the way of their partners each. All parties felt himself most true.

Depth of undermining the most severe, according to Barrow, is undermining aggressive. The wife constantly criticize, undermine, and fretting their husbands so frustrated and angry. The wife can not get enough of her partner. They do not even believe it anymore as the head of the family. They feel they are better suited to control household Dipper. What really happened was the wife to the husband's disappointment and want their partner to feel that disappointment.

It is also important, demanding and not always blame the husband. Occasionally, the wife needs to praise the success of what he did, for example, says, "We never fined because you're disciplined to pay the bills."

Stop undermining
It is not always the behavior is categorized as a reminder that undermine action. There are times when you have to remind more than once, especially for important and urgent. But, warned not always with the verbal, is not it? You can remind the other way, making small notes, for example. Of the sentence written on paper is not peppered with sentences "terror" or the full threat as "Watch out if you forget!" and similar expressions that describe our distrust him.

How to order us to stop the habit of undermining? Certainly not by letting the reckless behavior of the husband. Moreover, to remind reluctant for fear of being considered just a nag. Moreover, you just do what you've become part of that responsibility. Barrow was not recommend this way. All you need to realize, asking you to stop nagging her husband does not mean you do not ask for more attention to him. Just ask your husband to reduce levels of control you have over.

Change your talkative nature and be a person who has a sense of empathy. Never be ashamed and do not blame the abusive husband. Change your way of "blame and cornering" with "to tell the consequences that may arise from this omission".

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

Pain or stiffness in the back of the neck the head is one feature of high cholesterol. But most of the high cholesterol in the body does not show any symptoms or complaints.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood. Cholesterol is useful is the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol that did not settle in the arteries and protects blood vessels from the process of Atherosclerosis (plaque formation on blood vessel walls).

Bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) causes the precipitation in the arteries that can trigger heart disease or stroke. Triglycerides are another one if it could trigger a modest height of high cholesterol.

Someone said to have normal cholesterol levels if it is 160-200 mg, while in a dangerous condition if it is above 240 mg because it can cause a stroke.

"For people who have high cholesterol should avoid foods derived from animal products. Then multiply the consumption of all kinds of fruits and vegetables that do not contain cholesterol at all," says Dr Kasim Rasjidi, SpPD-KKV, DTM & H, MCTM, MHA , SpJP, FIHA, when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (27/1/2010).

According cholesterol levels can be lowered without drugs by regulating the food. Because the causes of high cholesterol is diet. The highest sources of cholesterol come from animal products like meat, milk and eggs.

Dr Kasim tells cholesterol is needed by the body, but the truth without intake of cholesterol from the outer one has met their needs well. Because 80 percent of cholesterol produced by the body (liver) and the remaining 20 percent of the food.

Someone who has high cholesterol generally do not show any symptoms, so that when blood tested in the laboratory level is suddenly off-limits. But there are also some who showed symptoms such as dizziness, numbness, joint pain or migraine and vertigo are frequent relapses.

"High cholesterol and not properly controlled could be fatal as a heart attack, stroke or narrowing of blood vessels. The effects of high cholesterol can be caused by themselves or by a combination with other complications," he added.

Dr Kasim explained to determine levels of cholesterol in the body needs to be done in a laboratory blood test. Should have a higher amount of HDL from LDL and triglyceride number. Normal levels vary depending on the condition of a person such as age, history of the disease and how much they have risk factors.

If your cholesterol level is high for lower can try the following tips:

1. Breakfast with havermurt is one way of lowering cholesterol.
2. If you want to eat eggs just enough egg white.
3. Drinking cow's milk without the fat
4. If you choose to eat meat or chicken meat without skin duck, rabbit
5. All vegetables are good but do not be cooked with coconut milk. Pan-fried or so Lalapan could be an alternative.

Foods to avoid:
1. Butter, fried. If possible we recommend using olive oil or canola oil.
2. Beef fat, lard and lard beef goat
3. Cheese, sausage and high-fat milk
4. Shrimp, crabs, clams, snails and eels have high cholesterol

Dipantang best foods for very high cholesterol:
1. Squid
2. Yolk
3. Cow brain
4. Quail eggs

In addition to maintaining the right diet, a person must do regular exercise in accordance with the targets to be achieved. Sports that do usually associated with cardio such as aerobics, running or treadmill and performed 3-5 times a week. Do not smoke and avoid drinking alcohol also can help reduce cholesterol levels.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fast Food And Healthy Tips

Although fast food is not good for a healthy diet and your heart, you certainly could not escape if, for example, dragging your child to fast food restaurants to the mall every time. If it's this, what should be done so you can stay with the child to eat, but your weight does not jump up?

Step 1. Choose a green salad with grilled shrimp or chicken. Although fresh salads and good for the heart according to a healthy diet choices, not to choose spice or sauce is wrong. Select italian dressing which is a mixture of water, olive oil, vinegar, black pepper, and chopped onion, cream sauce instead of high calorie. Or, simply with olive oil, vinegar (or lemon juice). After that, do not add more to the piece of meat, cheese, or chips.

Step 2. Choose grilled meats, like roast chicken. Although arguably chicken healthier choice than beef, do not choose fried chicken fried in hydrogenated oil (used repeatedly). Fried chicken like this will increase your heart work due to fat. Do not add cheese, sauce, or mayonnaise for chicken sandwiches. Instead, add the tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and mustard into your sandwich. If fried chicken is the only option available, choose the smallest portion and add a green salad.

Step 3. Select the smallest size of the sandwich meat fat when you ordered a hamburger. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the meat will also add a lot of bad fats are bad for the heart work. Once again, avoid mayonnaise, cheese, or a special sauce for your burgers. Choose fresh vegetables, tomato sauce, and mustard.

Step 4. Select a fish sandwich as the last option. Most fast food, like fried fish, only offers a choice of high saturated fats. Dr. Melissa Stevens, a dietitian, says that you should eat half of fast-food fried fish sandwiches. Select the completed sandwich or baked potato salad without cheese or tartar sauce.

Step 5. Ask for reduced salt in processed meats when you visit a restaurant that offers fast food sandwiches. Although not fried, meat sandwiches have a high salt content which will destroy your heart healthy. Ask for half portions of meat the size of regular sandwiches to reduce excess calories. Add fresh vegetables, salt-free seasoning, and vinegar.

Step 6. Choose foods that are good for heart health, such as baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, and salads. Avoid fried foods or appetizers, such as cheese or mozzarella cheese sticks.

Step 7. Choose water, tea, diet soda, low-fat milk, or 100 percent juice, to accompany your meal. Avoid high-calorie drinks, like soda, fruit drinks, hot chocolate, and cappuccino.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Car Anti Aging Tips & Tricks

1. If a short distance, do not use cars, because of the cold engine condition, the engine must be heated first, because our reply path with a cold engine conditions, less good for engine life, while the cold, because the engine must be heated, take extra time.

2. Always check the condition of the oil in a vehicle, engine oil brake fluid, oil clutch, and power steering on a regular basis. Check whether there is a leak, or it's time to replace the new.

3. Do not forget regular oil changes, according to the instructions in the manual, do not forget also to replace the filter if the moment had arrived.

4. Replace the air filter every 15 Kilometers

5. Every two years, clean up all the greasy parts, such as power steering, brakes, clutch, engine, and others.

6. Check brake pads. Do not get hit because the metal disk bearings that are too thin

7. Switch position diagonally tires (front left to rear right). Do it two times a year. If a flat tire, soon overcome, because it reduces the age of a flat tire tires up to 15%.

You Car Anti Aging

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Essential Tips, Before Buy Used Car. Buy Great Used Car.

The first step in the process of buying a used car is to assess in detail your transportation needs. The questions below can help.

1. Destination buying a car: determine the type of car to buy based on its use. For example, when used to pick up school children, choose a car that offers space relief. Transportation purposes or for work, select a comfortable and fuel efficient. Your lifestyle also plays a role determining the type of car to buy.

2. Determine the features that must exist, such as air conditioners, various kinds of power, charger CD etc..

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Essential Tips, Before Buy Used Car. Buy Great Used Car.

The first step in the process of buying a used car is to assess in detail your transportation needs. The questions below can help.

1. Destination buying a car: determine the type of car to buy based on its use. For example, when used to pick up school children, choose a car that offers space relief. Transportation purposes or for work, select a comfortable and fuel efficient. Your lifestyle also plays a role determining the type of car to buy.

2. Determine the features that must exist, such as air conditioners, various kinds of power, charger CD etc..

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Car Stereo System, Entertain Your Journey

Entertainment Gadget is really important especially when you drive lonely. So many gadget available to make you enjoy your journey. But in this article i just want to share an idea to build stereo system in your car.

Here is a picture about the ideal car stereo system :

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Car Stereo System, Entertain Your Journey

Entertainment Gadget is really important especially when you drive lonely. So many gadget available to make you enjoy your journey. But in this article i just want to share an idea to build stereo system in your car.

Here is a picture about the ideal car stereo system :

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