Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Medical Tips : How To Find Right Doctor?

A common problem patients face is that when they go to a new doctor , he insists on repeating all the tests all over again. In NY State, there is a place on the Department of Health web site where you can check on anyone who has a professional license issued through them. While this can be frustrating and expensive, it can be helpful as well, because it allows the doctor to reassess your problem with a fresh perspective. Please ask your doctor to explain why he needs to repeat the tests, and how this will help in your treatment. If tests have already been done, but are more than a year old, or if they have been done from an unreliable lab, you may need to repeat some of these again.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Do you have experience in this treatment? When you last time you get this medical case?

Will you refer me to an obstetrician when I get pregnant or will you deliver the baby?

Will you send me to another physicians or laboratories for treatments or tests?

Which hospital(s) do you use?

Questions to ask About Tests, Surgery, and Treatments

What kind of procedure is it?

What will the procedure tell you?

What results do you expect?

How long will it take?

What will it cost? Does insurance cover it?

Will it hurt? How will it make me feel afterward?

Can you do it in your office? As a hospital outpatient?

Will I be incapacitated? For how long? Will I miss work?

Will my spouse be involved? How? Will he/she miss work?

Will it interfere with our sex life? How?

Is there another alternative about this treatment?

Questions to ask About Medications

How long will I take it?

What will it cost? Does insurance cover it?

Will it hurt or have side effects?

Do I take it at home or at your office?


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