Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tips: Understand Why Man Nervous In The Bed

To that sexuality, men like to have a separate proud sometimes difficult to understand women. But for them, it is very important. It seems sort of confirmation that they are as a mighty man. While women, more concerned about his physical and how it can be exciting partner. But do not think it was only "disease" of women. Because men can also inferior in terms of bed. Anything that would make him feel less confident when making love and what you can do to help cope?

1. Hand.
Most men do not have the idea to use his hands. This confusion is common. They do not know exactly what they should do with his hands. Usually, they feel afraid to do wrong or looks weird. Because they feel confident that, precisely what makes them uncomfortable. You can do is to direct the hand to where you feel comfortable to the touch when near him. Over time, he will begin to understand what you are comfortable in and do not, but make sure you tell him, too, because he was not a mind reader.

2. Stomach.
Not only women who often feel not confident with her body shape. The man was like that, including the size of the stomach, although they tend to be flat stomach. Men can easily feel like this if she kept at the top position. This sort of thing happens to most men, and will be more severe for men who have low self-esteem. To fix this, you can try to occasionally take over the top, or seek approval to conduct sideways position. Do not ever taunted him for the affairs of the size of the stomach because it will interfere with his ego.

3. Orgasm.
In general, when it comes to sex, men need a goal. The purpose is shaped orgasm. As for women, more to "enjoy the ride". Men will feel less manly if not able to bring women to the enjoyment of orgasm. Yet for most women, sex is not always a goal. Orgasm is nice, but the main attraction is to love each other in the plot to orgasm. Most men do not realize this. You can do is to remind him that your goal is not solely to achieve orgasm, but rather an intimate time with him.

4. Penis.
Of course, most personal part of this man will be listed here. Like some sort of competition between the men about this. They are feeling insecure, worrying about whether they owned enough for you, or if you feel comfortable with what they do with that section. He worried about whether the ability to use his property could be associated with manhood. To help, you can tell him what you think of to calm worries. Little encouragement in words can be very helpful. If you are satisfied enough, a little praise or say that you love the time you spent with him and what he has, then he will feel very happy.

Indeed, not all men feel inferior, but if you feel there is little concern reflected in your partner's face every time she opened her clothing, a little empathy might be able to improve the situation.

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