Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Ways to get Google index

First of all we should to understand 'Why getting google index is really impportant for you?'

Google is a famous search engine. So when your web / blog get google index…, your web / blog is also getting some famous from this search engine…..
Another person who looking for the same subject in google search engine gonna get your web in the google list

There are so many ways to getting index in

But in this case there are three ways appear to get google index:

Submitted direct into Google directory…

Add your url

To the google directory……

Get a link from a web which google already crawl.

You can contact the webmaster to get this, or maybe post your comment about their web and give your url after.

Submitted your web / blog into open directory or yahoo directory

Hope you can get google index as fast as possible..
Don’t forget to renew your article...
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