Sunday, April 19, 2009

Page Rank

After research about google page rank, I want to share about what I get from that it is....
Page rank is a ranking system that show you about rank in the famous search engine like Google. Page rank is really important to getting traffic in your site...
How can we get page rank in Google search engine,,,,??
First of all you need to submit your url into google index ( For more information about this, please visit: Google Index Article )
A single link from a site with a Page Rank 6 can immediately boost your site to a Page Rank 5.. So you will need a link from another site that has a great page rank.. Page internal link is also important to get page rank in google search engine. But you should to know about how natural your internal link. Do never cheat about internal link because it's gonna make google drop your page rank....
Page rank is also important when you want to share your idea in internet. For example when people search about page rank, and they did not find your site or blog, you can not share your opinion and your idea about page rank.. Page rank is also important to get some money when your blog or site have some advertisement like google adsense (For more information about adsense, please visit: ). When you share your opinion and you idea, maybe they want to know more about that and they will visit the adsense in your site or blog.
Do never give up to update your blog every day. Your page rank will be increased when you give the best information.

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