Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Job Interviewing Tips

Many people for the first time looking for interviewing tips....
Just sit and relax.......

Here it is:

  • Before interviewing:

    Ø Make sure the place of interviewing meeting
    It’s really important to know the place of interviewing meeting to avoid an traffic jam in some area, so you can choose another alternate ways.
    Ø Remember the name who is you want to meet for interviewing
    Don’t forget to ask the name of the person who is you want to meet.
    Ø Prepare your dress code one day before
    Being understanding your dress code, you should to fit your job and your dress code.
    Ø Get rest enough in the night.
    Do never late to sleep so you can get wake up in the early morning
    Ø Prepare your English before
    If English is not your primary language, please practice for this language.
    Ø Prepare the reason why you want to get this job
    Ø Prepare the reason why company shall to get you as their employee
    Give your quality, primary strength.
    Ø Considering salary that you want and also job description that you thinking
    Ø Remember your interest in your activity and related with the job
    Ø Come early approximately 25 minutes
    Ø Go to TOILET,,,, for Preparing your performance

  • In Interviewing Process

    Ø Being Professional in your attitude
    Ø Being relax
    Ø Your answer must be connected with the question
    Ø If you have an opportunities to ask some question:
    o Ask about your job description
    o The budget for your salary

  • After interviewing

    Ø Consider your job description expectation and job description from company, Are you in the correct position?
    Ø Consider your salary expectation and salary from company. Is it enough?
    Ø Is it balance between your salary and your job description?

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