Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Being Creative

Not all people are natural born creative. But do not worry, that creativity can be formed and be sharpened. Follow the instructions below.

1) The first step is most important is if you believe creative! Tell yourself on if you can create new ideas. Give yourself the time to explore mind to find a new possibility.

2) Write the problem in detail that you want to solve. This could be a starting point in achieving the goal.

3) Prepare papers and give itself the time for half an hour to write all the ideas and solutions of problems that are faced. Brainstorming gives you the opportunity to find new things. Enter all, no matter how stupid any ideas that you find it.

4) Once finished, see the list again and zoom out so most of the 10 most important and profitable. This is a list of 10 ideas that you can achieve. Action is the important word here. The idea was the idea before you try to present.

5) With a list of 10 best ideas this, ask a question: "What if the solution is, whether to complete the problem? Is this solution will provide benefits on the other?"

6) From this exercise, you will learn to identify solutions that benefit most. Filter all the ideas so 1 or 2 ideas that give most benefit.

7) Once again, only ACTION makes your creative mind is useful. So start it present.

Most important things you can do in trying to be creative is confident in the ability of your own. Stay positive and level-is constant on the self 'I can do it! "

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