Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Building Effective To Do List

Make a to do list is needed to facilitate setting priorities in completing your tasks. Just say, make a to do list can save time, energy and prevent stress. To do list and even help you to achieve your goal. But there are several ways that need to be done to create a to do list so the results more effective.

1. Choose what's most convenient for you to write this list of priorities. You can use the book notes, mobile phone or may be the calendar.

2. Select tool eletronik as Reminder to all your schedule. Reminder PDA use in the schedule to remind you borrow a movie, buy a birthday gift for boyfriend or business meetings.

3. Create a category in the list to do this. Start with the schedule to call someone, the goods must be purchased, and other issues. Then, create a category for the business work, projects, contacts, plans and achievement of goals.

4. Check back lists for you to redesign a priority. Categorize priorities in the 'Week' or 'This Month'.

5. Buy a weekly calendar to mark what you need to do. With a small weekly calendar, you can map your interests more clearly. And at the end of the year can make a review of what has been successful to do.

Save your dream, dream, even though the most mad. You can only realize the dream of all that. Create a list of 16 major goals in life and review your list to do every six months

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