Thursday, March 11, 2010

Increase Your Skill, And Leave Bad Habits In College

Phase then it must work to come into force in accordance with the rules of professional local office. Here are some of the habits of college that consciously or not is still often do.

Delaying work
While in college, postponing the task of teaching can be a matter of course. From start working on overnight duty, tracing task friend, relying on friends to do it, so nothing resolved if feeling lazy come hit. In the world of work, this situation would not be a tolerance. Every person has responsibility for each job. So, do not expect you can sit back and throw the work to colleagues in the office, yes.

Solution: In order to complete the work in accordance with predetermined deadlines, start by determining the scale of priorities and deadlines for yourself. If the middle of your task completion process is saturated or not able to find the right ideas, legitimate kok leave work for a while to find the inspiration to do activities you enjoy, such as a walk in the mall, listening to music or watching movies.

Even so, not to forget time. Especially if you work in a team. Not only harming yourself, but would also hurt other colleagues who could not complete the task because of you. Try to put ourselves as partners who would be harmed if you delay the work. This will make us encouraged to complete the task on time.

On time
If the time course, we can freely go to class attendance even to friends. After all, professors would not take much notice of students who were present or not. However, at the world of work, you are required to attend on time in accordance with prevailing working hours in each company. If there is a need that will make you come late, you must provide the news or ask your boss first. The reason you delay not only impact on attendance, but also reduces your time to work productively. With limited working time, it will make you difficult to concentrate.

Solution: If you do not get used up early, try to find a place to live / boarding houses that were located close to the office. That way, you do not have to wake up too early and can save you time travel to the office. So no hurry in the morning, get used to prepare all the necessary work at night. This is to avoid the goods or the necessary files left in the house.

Notice appearance
While in college, we would prefer jeans and T-shirt as a costume to go to the campus mainstay. Apart from the aspect of comfort, as well as a form of self expression is relaxed and free. While the world of work, not all companies provide the freedom for its employees to appear relaxed. For some professions and companies with a strong image, would look into one of the main things that must be considered. Call it public relations profession, lawyers, secretaries, bankers, or others who require their employees to wear neat and formal, even in uniform.

Solution: corporate work culture is usually reflected from the way their employees dress. However, our appearance is okay still be supported by quality of work is also good. Each company usually has a different policy, there kok allowing employees free dress on Friday. But, if you're not the type that can survive well beyond the clothing, try to select companies that are flexible and allow employees to dress freely. Typically, a company engaged in a creative field allows you to more freely express themselves.

Indiscriminate friend
On campus, make friends with some of the choices and then formed a gang is not unusual. However, in the workplace, make friends with many people and networks as possible. Therefore, we must be able to adapt and work with anyone. Fine if you had a few close friends in the office, but that does not mean you shut yourself with other colleagues.

Solution: Try to mingle and have fun with colleagues after office hours. This will build a closeness between you and your coworkers. Although not picky friends, you still need to sort out where a friend who can bring good or bad effects on business.


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