Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Making Decision

Decision is the most important thing in our life..
We can be the best or the worst person in the world by our decision. We should to understand that experience is not always being a great teacher.. we do not need the bad experience. we can learn from another person experience., and making ourself decision. This is the great thing when you make a decision.. Remember about another person experience in your situation. Maybe the situation is not always same 100%, but we can take the principle when we are in the situation which push us to make a decision.
A little thing of our decision can make so many thing change. It can change our personality, another person personality and also our nature. A little thing will gonna be a big thing when we think so.
Remember our big thing? It always become from small and little thing. The little thing from your decision will change your life from now.

Thank you for reading.

I wanna be "someone" and "something". I will never be "nothing" and "no one",

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