Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Tips , Advice : Understanding Your Web-Site Visitor (Google Analytics)

When you started to build a blog, or web-site, we really wanted so many person visit to our web-site or our blog. When our blog or our web-site is published, we are really want to know who is our web-site visitor, So many tool, that support us to know about our visitor. One of the tools is google analytics (Google Analytics).
I do also using this tools. By google analytics (Google Analytics), we can know so many things about our unique visitor, where they are come from, their country, their city, when they come to us, and also average time visit for every visitor.
It is just a few feature. You can get more than that.
Thank you to google, because google want to care about their user. Google understand about what user want...
However, we should to care about our visitor. We should to think like our visitor to get some traffic into our blog or web-site.

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