Sunday, June 28, 2009

Take Tips, Advice : Using Domain Tools

When we want to buy some domain, we need to know about the status of the domain. Is it registered, or available, or in sale condition. We are really using tools to know about the domain... I am not promote some tools. You can use another tools but for now i am using I feel it is really informative and will give some suggestion name for you. Just check it out by yourself, i do not give a live link because, i do not want the reader feelings i am not objective writer...

Thank you..


  1. mas, mau tukeran link gak?
    kalo mau silahkan kunjungi blog saya dan mohon tinggalkan komen bahwa saya juga sudah di link, ntar akan segera saya link balik, ok ok? ^^

    yang paling penting dalam dunia ini adalah networking mas :D

  2. I want it but i need you e-mail to confirm... thank you for your interest...

  3. I have put a link into my blog using "kicktheworld".. hope you want to confirm if you have put my link in your blog.