Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tips to Choose Your Education

When you are in senior high school and want to choose University, maybe you will be confused with so many University. So This is a tips when you want to choose an education into University.
You need to understand about your talent, and your hobbies. You need to choose first priority from your talent and your hobby. After that you will know about job description that you want after you finish your study. By that job description you will know about what education is that you needed. It is call RCE (Reverse Choose Education). But you should know about your ability when you choose education include your finance factor. Do not take any education just because you do not know about that or maybe you get only less information, or maybe only your friend (girl friend or boy friend..:P) Remember this is about your future....
Do not forget to write your objectives when you choose this education. Remember about your hobby,,an do not cut off your education event you are feeling so bored in your education...
Note: Maybe you can not move into University because some reason but remember, internet and search engine can give you some education and information from the expert, do not forget about that and you can take some course also....Do never give up... Education is not limited edition in this era.


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