Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips For SEO (Session 1)

SEO is really important for your Page Rank.... SEO will increase your web / blog traffic. Here is some simple tips for SEO:
Title of your blogs should same with the article in your blog. Remember do never write something that not related with your blog title. Make SE ( Search Engine ) more simple to get your page.
Article title should identify the content of your article. Article title should be really simple. SE ( Search Engine ) will get your article as simple as they want,
Do not write so many keyword. You just need some point of your content.
Giving a differentiation by using Bold, or italic code in your article or in your sitemap. So SE ( Search Engine ) will knowing you better than another web / blog.

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  1. Hey,

    Interesting post. I was looking for some material on SEO and reading this stuff has really helped. I hope you wouldn't mind if I use some of this stuff for my presentation.


  2. I do only know about little thing in SEO.. I hope it is gonna helpful.