Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tips Work Smart and NOT HARd.....

Many workers really smart to work and so many workers hard to work....
I want to share about my knowledge in my studied.

Work 20% for 80%:
Remember this Theory??
In this theory we only work in 20% of our life to get 80% result. How can??/
For example: Who is the person only work a little this and they get so many result? If you see in many company, So many person work for them but Company pay 80% for their President, Vice President, and Manager, who work to organized another employee, and 20% is for another employee who work in factory, or in the any division. The person who work 24/7 get 20% and the person who work 4/2 get 80%...Really nice.. Can you get it...? Better to work in the little time, Looking for information in internet and then share with another but thinking more efficient every time...So work can be more efficient. Do not worry because 80% will come for you..

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