Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Advice Tips : Get Your Girl who you loved

Do you remember your friends who have a girl friend? He is able to get a girlfriend so why you are not? Being a Gentleman Bro.

First Time :
Do not being a ridiculous person. Talk about little thing like "Good Day", giving smile, and talk about small thing.

Be Your self :
Do not being another person remember "You are you".

Being nice guy, and do not being joker :
You should to know how to make her smile and how to serious when she need. Do not being 100% of funniest person.

Your conversations with a girl:
A girl just need to be listened when they talk. Do not give any comment for them. Just see their personality from them when they talk. So you just listen, listen, and listen.

Being Social Person :
Help each other, not only that girl but also another like kids, or old person. Being good speaker and listener

Know more about her:
You must know everything about her.

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