Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tips Advice : Choosing Logo For Your Business

A logo is really important for business. Many person can recognize your business from your business logo. It is also nice to get market target from your business. Another person will remember your business from your unique logo. Here are the basic things you should to know before choose your own logo;

1. Avoid the trendy logo, except your target market is only teens.

2. Try to timeless. Do not get a time limitation for your logo. When another person see your logo was changed, it was same when another person see your brand was changed.

3. Your logo is also about your product. You should to think what is the customer want from your product. Then compare with your competitor logo. Choose the thing that you like or do not like. The thing is also about, color and shape.

4. Make simple logo. Do not make it complicated, because your customer will not remember your logo. Simple logo is more flexible. You can put it in t-shirt, magazine, etc.

5. Take a commitment to use the logo. You should to make the customer know about that logo in the first time transaction.

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