Monday, May 4, 2009

Tips, Advice to Buy a Car

Determine Your budget And The Car that you want
You should to know about your financial and the car that match with your financing. For example: Your budget is only $10,000 , you can not buy new BMW series or another sport car. Do never buy a car that over from your budget. Remember your car should be needed and will help you. Do never make it like an evil that is able to depress you.

Compare with another dealer
You should to research about the dealer that sell a car which you want. After that ask to them about the best price that they have to offer. You should to check the opinion about the dealer. Check their after sales service, etc.

Get leasing / financing in order
If you want to credit that car, you should to research about leasing, or financial company that offer car purchased. Even the dealer have cooperation with the Leasing company, you should to know about the smallest interest that they offer.

Understand about your car resale value
Getting to know about your car resale value is really important, because by that information you will decide to buy a new car or second hand car, If you want to buy second hand car you will know the price from the car's year. For example: minus 10% ( for first year and second year )

Negotiate the purchase
Negotiate the purchase is really important to compare expected trade-in value and get the best finance rate. * You should to negotiate about the rate price

*Do not negotiate monthly payment

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