Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tips, Advice : How to Remember Something

Have you forgotten about something important? Day after day, our brain development is decreasing, because we are not practice to develop it. Maybe we just live with the same routine activities. Actually our brain cells has connected each other when we practice. It is same like sponge which absorb a water. But if there is not practice, our brain same like a sponge without a water, become a rock, and day after day it's hard to absorb a water anymore.
By this illustration, We understand to make practice everyday to train our brain to remind something.
So we need to connected another thing that usually we use with something new that we want to remind. For example : we usually to take a bath before go to super market, and we want to buy a milk in super market, so we will remind about take a bath with a milk. Then when we arrive in super market, we connected each activities before we go to supermarket. We will find take a bath and it is going to remind us to take a bath with a milk, then we will buy a milk.


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