Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Avoiding Violence in The Office?

The office sometimes does not always harmonious. There are only a few people that are difficult to face or cooperative. Harsh words often appear as a form of competition or anything whatsoever to reach the target.

Attitude that is too demanding superiors and subordinates who feel cornered could trigger a conflict that ultimately reduce labor productivity. Not to mention the small friction-friction fellow employees are also often make one of them was hurt.

If you've felt the pain or pressure, sometimes prolonged stress out employees and did not want to be at work again. Because there are no new places that usually make employees endure. But any new job does not mean security is not going to see people more difficult.

Employees and employers is a unit of mutual need. Employees are the backbone of a company that helps employers in running the company's mission vision. To achieve these objectives need cooperation and effective communication between superiors and subordinates.

To avoid friction, friction that occurs in the working world, the most fundamental thing that must be improved is communication.

But communication is the most common vertical communication from top to bottom, the boss always govern his subordinates to do the work and often scathing criticism.

To avoid violence in the office between the employer and fellow employees subordinate to avoid violence in the office, according to Nina takes three attitudes, namely:

1. Empathy
Superiors and subordinates to share the nature of empathy, not sympathy. Empathy means that we perceive and understand other people is not based on self reference, but the benchmark person. Empathy also means that a person should be able to see the values, views and interests of others without comparing it with personal benchmark.

The essence of empathy is to always see things from another benchmark, not personal. Not only the boss who must empathize with subordinates, but also vice versa.

2. Openness
Problems that occur between superiors and subordinates is a problem of openness. Many subordinates who feel insecure to be open to his boss. Cause all kinds, can be because it is indeed closed, excessive fear or because of a tenuous relationship with the boss.

But the best is the communication should be open communication. So try to be open to any employer risks.

3. Attitude understand
To note that communication is being transmitted, so if we want to understand other people better understand the other person first. Do not be demanding on others.

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