Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Car Anti Aging Tips & Tricks

1. If a short distance, do not use cars, because of the cold engine condition, the engine must be heated first, because our reply path with a cold engine conditions, less good for engine life, while the cold, because the engine must be heated, take extra time.

2. Always check the condition of the oil in a vehicle, engine oil brake fluid, oil clutch, and power steering on a regular basis. Check whether there is a leak, or it's time to replace the new.

3. Do not forget regular oil changes, according to the instructions in the manual, do not forget also to replace the filter if the moment had arrived.

4. Replace the air filter every 15 Kilometers

5. Every two years, clean up all the greasy parts, such as power steering, brakes, clutch, engine, and others.

6. Check brake pads. Do not get hit because the metal disk bearings that are too thin

7. Switch position diagonally tires (front left to rear right). Do it two times a year. If a flat tire, soon overcome, because it reduces the age of a flat tire tires up to 15%.

You Car Anti Aging

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