Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

Pain or stiffness in the back of the neck the head is one feature of high cholesterol. But most of the high cholesterol in the body does not show any symptoms or complaints.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood. Cholesterol is useful is the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol that did not settle in the arteries and protects blood vessels from the process of Atherosclerosis (plaque formation on blood vessel walls).

Bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) causes the precipitation in the arteries that can trigger heart disease or stroke. Triglycerides are another one if it could trigger a modest height of high cholesterol.

Someone said to have normal cholesterol levels if it is 160-200 mg, while in a dangerous condition if it is above 240 mg because it can cause a stroke.

"For people who have high cholesterol should avoid foods derived from animal products. Then multiply the consumption of all kinds of fruits and vegetables that do not contain cholesterol at all," says Dr Kasim Rasjidi, SpPD-KKV, DTM & H, MCTM, MHA , SpJP, FIHA, when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (27/1/2010).

According cholesterol levels can be lowered without drugs by regulating the food. Because the causes of high cholesterol is diet. The highest sources of cholesterol come from animal products like meat, milk and eggs.

Dr Kasim tells cholesterol is needed by the body, but the truth without intake of cholesterol from the outer one has met their needs well. Because 80 percent of cholesterol produced by the body (liver) and the remaining 20 percent of the food.

Someone who has high cholesterol generally do not show any symptoms, so that when blood tested in the laboratory level is suddenly off-limits. But there are also some who showed symptoms such as dizziness, numbness, joint pain or migraine and vertigo are frequent relapses.

"High cholesterol and not properly controlled could be fatal as a heart attack, stroke or narrowing of blood vessels. The effects of high cholesterol can be caused by themselves or by a combination with other complications," he added.

Dr Kasim explained to determine levels of cholesterol in the body needs to be done in a laboratory blood test. Should have a higher amount of HDL from LDL and triglyceride number. Normal levels vary depending on the condition of a person such as age, history of the disease and how much they have risk factors.

If your cholesterol level is high for lower can try the following tips:

1. Breakfast with havermurt is one way of lowering cholesterol.
2. If you want to eat eggs just enough egg white.
3. Drinking cow's milk without the fat
4. If you choose to eat meat or chicken meat without skin duck, rabbit
5. All vegetables are good but do not be cooked with coconut milk. Pan-fried or so Lalapan could be an alternative.

Foods to avoid:
1. Butter, fried. If possible we recommend using olive oil or canola oil.
2. Beef fat, lard and lard beef goat
3. Cheese, sausage and high-fat milk
4. Shrimp, crabs, clams, snails and eels have high cholesterol

Dipantang best foods for very high cholesterol:
1. Squid
2. Yolk
3. Cow brain
4. Quail eggs

In addition to maintaining the right diet, a person must do regular exercise in accordance with the targets to be achieved. Sports that do usually associated with cardio such as aerobics, running or treadmill and performed 3-5 times a week. Do not smoke and avoid drinking alcohol also can help reduce cholesterol levels.

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